About YES

Youth for Empowering Society was established on 22/09/2011 as a voluntary, non partisan, non profit and nongovernmental organization to spread development consciousness in order to fight poverty and empower communities to be self-reliant. This is through provision and promotion of education, vocational skills, sports and credit facilities thereby improving the conditions of the targeted communities in South Sudan.

It was also established to make an impact on the growing problem of vulnerable children, out-of-school youths, youth in school and women. Y.E.S is dedicated to promoting and protecting the rights of children, young people and women in South Sudan as articulated in the U.N. Conventions on the Rights of the Children, youth and women. Y.E.S wants to offer Vocational Training, continued Formal Education, counseling and Rehabilitative Services as well through the church. The main thrust is to enhance their opportunities to realize their full potential and capabilities.

Youth for Empowering Society (Y.E.S) was founded by South Sudanese Youth after careful assessment of social crises facing children, youth and women in South Sudan following the post conflict state of Southern Sudan.

Over the past year of grass root development experience, Y.E.S has realized that promotion of self-help initiatives of social and economic empowerment of vulnerable groups is a key requirement for sustainable development of local communities. It’s upon this experience that the organization is seeking to work with children, youth and women to spur the communities’ social and economic development.




Represent and build the capacities of children, youth and women through co-ordination, networking, lobbying, advocacy, education, training and interfacing with other stakeholders for improved quality of life in South Sudan and promote positive religious values.


A vibrant, sustainable, representative and empowered society with spiritual nourishment to work for the interests of children, youth and women in South Sudan for effective and efficient service delivery.


Stimulate rural development by mobilizing and facilitating access to learning resources and improved social and religious services for children, youth and women within South Sudan communities to improve the quality of life of the rural people.

November 2015