First and foremost we are very happy to joyously welcome you to Youth for Empowering Society (Y.E.S) taking the earliest opportunity to appeal to you to join us as partners. Y.E.S is dedicated and committed to help disadvantaged children, youth and women in South Sudan to overcome poverty and hopelessness. Y.E.S was formed to respond to the increasing need of children, youth and women’s education and community rehabilitation/re-construction in South Sudan. As you are aware the impact of war in Southern Sudan has a far greater impact than in any other country in the continent of Africa. The impact have taken away a generation of fathers, mothers, uncles, aunts, and friends. A new generation of innocent orphans is left behind with no one to fend for them.

This is the major contributing factor to street children, prostitution, child headed families, child labour, HIV/AIDS infection, child soldiers, rebel factions, poverty, refugees, internally displaced persons and criminality. The extended family system, like many other developing countries, has been the core support provider for such victims but combined with other social and economic pressures these families have been pushed to breaking point. Our Primary vision is to address the issue of Rehabilitation, Reintegration and Resettlement of various categories of persons griped in armed rebellions, Education, Physical support and care to orphans, less privileged children and other vulnerable community members i.e. rural women, youth and community socio economic rehabilitation programs. Friends we need your support and participation to reshape the lives of these children, youth and women in South Sudan. Let’s take the risk to move forward and invest in the lives of these citizens of the World today.

We need help, support and the investment of resources by others better able to offer it. If you have something to share, whether it's cash, books, teaching equipment, ideas or just support and encouragement, please visit the Projects Directory, take a look at the projects, use the email facility to offer your help, just make contact. Everything helps.

If the information included in these pages has interested you and you feel we would be able to collaborate in achieving our organization’s goals, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

We also welcome any questions or comments visitors to our site may have about our work or about the broader issues affecting South Sudanese children youth women. Your comments are a valuable guide to us as we continue to address the needs of children, youth and women in this country.

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Represent and build the capacities of children, youth and women through co-ordination, networking, lobbying, advocacy, education, training and interfacing with other stakeholders for improved quality of life in South Sudan and promote positive religious values.


A vibrant, sustainable, representative and empowered society with spiritual nourishment to work for the interests of children, youth and women in South Sudan for effective and efficient service delivery.


Stimulate rural development by mobilizing and facilitating access to learning resources and improved social and religious services for children, youth and women within South Sudan communities to improve the quality of life of the rural people.

November 2015